About Me

Birth date
Visa (NZ)
+64 (0)27 357 0807
15/26 Marion Street - Te Aro
Wellington 6011,
New Zealand

Long-term Work Experiences

Solution Team Lead

- Current

Core Technology Wellington, New Zealand

As Core Technology's Solution team lead, my responsibilities involve presales and requirement gathering, solution design and software architecture, development team lead and project management.
Key achievements
Solution lead on an asset management mash-up portal (Node.JS, Java, IBM CastIron) including integration with external APIs and protocols (OAuth, SAML, SalesForce, Xero, MyOB, Xuoara, etc.).
Solution lead on a telecom project including API design (REST-based, hosted on MuleSoft Anypoint), ESB integration (Mule ESB), front-end development (HTML5, Android, iPhone, desktops), hosting (partially cloud-based, partially on premise) and security (Microsoft ADFS, SAML).
Reviewed other architects' solutions and actively contributed to various on-going projects (API gateway / REST API best practices; MongoDB optimizations; MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server management).
Contributed to the company's best practices around timekeeping and development phases (JIRA).
Set up database refactoring approaches and tools (Liquibase, Flyway, db-migrate).

Managing Director


Faz Technologies Bordeaux, France

Co-founder and manager of Faz Technologies, an IT consulting agency specialized in software architecture, I acted as main technical consultant as well as HR officer (recruiting employees and managing staff up to 7 collaborators) and salesman.
Key achievements
Developed a network of partners, customers and freelance consultants.
Managed team, HR duties, budget validation and control.
Designed and created highly technical websites (video streaming services, payment gateways, Financial stocks and shares simulation portal, wine industry allergen traceability).
Developed a polymorphic cryptographic engine in C and JavaScript; created an in-house RAD PHP-based development framework.
Provided training courses in Java, C, C++, C#/VB.Net, Python, Unix administration, ITIL, UML and Project Management (Agile, UP).

Solution Architect

- January 2015

CAFAT Nouméa, New Caledonia

For 3 years, I acted as Solution Architect for the neo-caledonian welfare service and led a challenging migration project from IBM System i (AS/400) based development to a brand new execution stack, in a PRINCE2 + TOGAF environment.
Key achievements
Qualified the new development stacks and provided a coherent tailor-made in-house development framework, including development tools, UI frameworks, data-access & data-mapping libraries, IOC containers and reporting solutions (Eclipe, Hudson, Maven, ZK, JEE 5, IBM DB2, JasperReport, Talend ETL, Microsoft AD).
Identified the key components in the existing architecture, evaluated the replacement solutions (Microsoft Server 2012, JBoss / Widlfly, IBM DB2/400, IBM AS/400) and set up the transition project.
Acted as Project Leader and Scrum Master on the first business projects aimed at evaluating the new platform (a small-scale internet business-to-customer project, a medium-scale internal data management project, and a large-scale solution involving the refactoring of the business processes and the introduction of a workflow engine) following a formal business-driven approach to architecture prescribed by TOGAF.

JEE Software Architect


La Banque Postale Bordeaux, France

Nearly four years on various contracts for the French Post Bank (more than 11 million customers) during which I worked mainly for the development engineering and production department on Java solutions, mobile development, mass storage and continuous delivery (ITIL environment).
Key achievements
Designed and implemented security connectors and single sign-on approaches across the various applications and technologies used (mobile/OpenID, desktop/Kerberos, Java Security, WebSphere Security, IBM RACF).
Lead designer of the internal Java Framework (Spring) and mobile solutions (Android, iPhone, webviews).
Software Architect on the enterprise portal (WebSphere Portal Server, Java portlets) and distributed cache / computation infrastructure (Hazelcast).
Project Lead on the Netscape 4.5 / IE 6 / IE 9 migration project, including backport of existing ActiveX and Java applets.
Level 3 support on Spring, JEE, CI, mobile/responsive disgn and TDD to project managers and developers

Software Integrator and Java/J2EE Architect


Experian Paris, France

Facing a timed-constrained and complex project organized between 3 different teams (Experian, Prologia, Monext) and two customers (La Banque Postale & Société Générale), I led a team responsible for the creation of the integration layer and the technical framework and reorganised code production (Spring, Hibernate, IOC, DI, AOP) and code quality evaluation (TDD, CI).
Key achievements
Worked in close connection with contractors, users and teams during specification phases/dd>
Designed and implemented the technical framework and IT-abstraction access layer/dd>
Set up Test Driven Development and Agile methodologies.
Code quality evaluation and continuous improvement.

Senio Developer / Technical Support


La Banque Postale Bordeaux, France

My main task was to provide technical support to development teams (>50 developers) on Java/Spring, WebSphere AS, RSA/RDA, JavaScript, HTML, and to contribute to technical projects such as evaluating mass storage solutions (EMC² Documentum) and application impacts of migrating from WebSphere 4 to WebSphere 6.
Key achievements
Provided level 1, 2 and 3 supports to development teams on Java, Spring, Hibernate.
Maintained daily reports on support-service quality.
Followed change requests expressed against the development framework, from expression to delivery.
Contributed to technical projects and administration of WebSphere application servers.

Software Developer


Items Media Concept Bordeaux, France

After a first experience as low-level assembler and C developer and before creating Faz Technology, I joined a young IT company specialized in human resources and sales force management softwares.
Key achievements
C/C++ development on Windows (Win32 API, MFC) and Unix/Linux (WxWindows, GTK).
Created a Java based Aspect-Oriented programming framework for internal use.
PHP developer (Sales force automation project, mail servers, SMS servers).

C, C++ and x86 assembler Developer


ModelFX Bordeaux, France

Contributed to a real-time 3d engine inspired from the demoscene during my training period: Software rasterizer (3D engine) development. Texturing, shading, transformations, colour effects and transitions in x86 assembler, C, Win32.
Key achievements
Contributed to a real-time 3d engine inspired from the demoscene
PC-Assembler development

Short missions

As consultant

  • Workflow Engines comparison and qualification (CAFAT, 2014)
  • Application Performance Management (CSB, 2014)
  • ITIL Service Catalogue Management (Noumea City Hall, 2013)
  • Responsive design & mobile development (LBP, 2012)


Master's degree - ICT Project Manager

French MEng "Chef de Projet Informatique"

EPSI Bordeaux
2000 - 2003

A 3-year course in Computer Sciences entitled "ICT Project Manager", taken with option "Software Engineering", during which I completed my diploma cum laude while already working

The 3 years are heavily oriented toward software engineering and project management. The following graphs show the details of each year :

First year
Algorithm, C Databases OOP, Java, C++ Network, System UNIX English Maths Communication Economy Training period
Second year
English Databases OOP, Java, C++ Software engineering Finance Artificial Intelligence Maths Communication Telecommunications Training period
Third year
English Databases OOP, Java, C++ Software engineering Project Management Data mining HR management IT management Training period

Official recognition and programme are available on French qualification framework website.

Reports and publications
Second year : Index optimizations in Databases.
Third year : Dynamic Aspect Oriented Programming applied to Java Software development.

Higher Technician Degree - Software Management

French "Brevet de Technicien supérieur"

EPSI Bordeaux
1998 - 2000

I validated a post-graduate 2-year course in Computer Sciences named "Software Management" (option "Application Developer") as a freelance candidate while attending a 2-year preparatory class in order to enter the ICT Project Manager Engineering program.

High School Diploma (or A-Level)

French "Baccalauréat"

EPSI Bordeaux
1995 - 1998

"S" (scientific) series passed with the following extra options : advanced mathematics, experimental sciences, sport, music, German.

Hobbies & Extra stuffs

Judo (1988-1998)
Kung-Fu (2001, 2010-2012)
Capoeira (2013)
Badminton (2004-2012)
Novels (all sorts) and magazines (scientific, economical, political)
Fond of History, Linguistics and political sciences
Classical guitar (since 1986)
Modern guitar (since 1994)
Bass guitar (2000-2002)
Piano (since 2014)
Theatre (1994-1994)
Marine life preservation (2012-2013)
Diving (active member in 2012)


Mother tongue
Full proficiency
IELTS (2014) : 8.0
TOEIC (2003) : Gold
Worked in Germany (2 months, 1998)
Followed Introductory Courses 1 & 2
at Wellington Community Education Centre (2015)
Mandarin Chinese
Studied for 8 month (2007)

Main References

Please note that most references below are customers rather than employers. Nonetheless, they were all supervisors on the work I provided and are either executive officers or service managers in their respective firm.

Core Technology
Jim Simmons,
Programme & Resource Manager.
Faz Technologies
Stéphane Lecorné,
Managing Director.
Jean-Marie Demaret,
Information System Director.
La Banque Postale
Mr Philippe Poirier, formerly R&D service manager (2004-2012) now strategic manager.
Experian / Monext
Mr Jerome de Lagausie, former Project Director at Experian. Now Program Manager at Ingenico.

All other references are fully available upon request